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Monday, September 27, 2021



76 mm
90 mm
100 mm
07.01.BA L.300 mm
L.400 mm
07.01.RA L.300 mm
L.400 mm
07.01.KA L.300 mm
L.400 mm

76 mm
90 mm
07.01.JA L.300 mm
L.400 mm
07.01.QA L.300 mm
L.400 mm

148X76 mm
148X76 mm
07.01.FA L.300 mm

07.01.AA L.350 mm

Exhaust systems for trucks

Imasaf can also offer a range of exhaust systems for trucks.

Catalyst converters

Quality comes from responsibility

The performance expected from mufflers today has deeply changed the approach to the product design and production: suffice to think about the revolution in the automotive industry generated by the introduction of catalytic converters in all vehicles.
For this reason, every day Imasaf commits itself to research and innovation, because every goal it reaches is the incitement necessary for aspiring to new and successful results.


Flexible couplings

Quality details

The flexible couplings dampen the stress on the exhaust system that is caused by the engine vibrations.
Imasaf focuses great attention to this detail, using high quality stainless steel couplings on the mufflers, consisting of an outside braid, middle 2 - ply bellows and lined inside braid.


Exhaust systems for vintage cars

We rebuild history with our passion for vintage cars

The IMASAF Group can also supply Soram brand mufflers for vintage cars. Soram is the business unit entirely dedicated to this field, with craftsmanship working for each single piece added to the highest guaranteed quality levels. Specialisation and great awareness, enable to respond to the requests of this discerning field of clientele, often working together to model their passion and produce true collectors’ items.